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Introducing Crafts inspired by K-Mart, Part 1

Please note:

Since publishing this post K-Mart have changed stockists and some of these items are no longer available in their stores. Sorry for the inconvenience but hope the ideas will still inspire you. Thanks, Chrissy

Yes! K-Mart! I discovered all this when I was trying to find cheap blank cards for a card making group I was running. Not only did I find cheap cards but lots of other wonderful craft treasures that look great and don’t cost a fortune.


This is my first instalment of crafts inspired by K-Mart. If you like cheap, easy crafts like me then watch this space for more ideas!

So here is my first craft creation inspired by the goodies at K-Mart. I love crafts like this, as they’re easy and you only need to go to one place to get all the bits. A great one for a group of ladies or kids. Its quick and easy and before you know it you have 10 cards stored away for that special occasion.

DSC_0072[1].jpg1These are the bits you will need (Creativ’ brand):

Cards and Envelopes (10 cards/10envelopes) in the natural colour

Clear Stickers (1 Sheet) as pictured

Wooden icons (144 pieces)

A glue gun is handy to stick down the wooden icons and K-Mart sell these too. PVA or craft glue will work fine but will just take longer to dry.

It is just a matter of positioning the stickers and icons onto your card. There is no right or wrong but just remember ‘less is more’. I would recommend that you use just 1 icon on most cards. If you want to use more than one use the same shape icons i.e flags, clouds, stars. Here are some ideas!

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