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Paper Doily Bunting

This effective decorating idea is cheap and easy to make. Great idea for decorating ta room for all kinds of events – parties, baby showers, kitchen teas etc. I have made them to decorate a church hall for a women’s event recently –  just to give the space that feminine touch!

All you need is some paper doilies, eyelet lace and your sewing machine


You can buy the doilies at those cheap shops like ”Variety 1”, ”Bargains Plus” or ”Choice”  etc. They also have them at K-Mart and they normally come in packs of 50. You can also buy the eyelet lace in those stores too. Big W have the eyelet lace in their sewing/wool section which you can buy in 15 meter lengths.


All you do is fold your doilies in half and stitch them between the folded lace. This double layering of lace will give your bunting a bit of extra strength. Before you start sewing make sure you leave a tail for hanging at both ends.



Continue to add more folding doilies as you go. Use different sizes and colours if you like and try to keep them evenly spaced. You can use different coloured lace and doilies for different themed parties/events.

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