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Crafts Inspired by K-Mart, Part 2 – It’s Party Time!!

Please note:

Since publishing this post K-Mart have changed stockists and some of these items are no longer available in their stores. Sorry for the inconvenience but hope the ideas will still inspire you. Thanks, Chrissy

Here it is! – another crafty idea inspired by the K-Mart. This time I have used my ideas to help you decorate for a simple party. Can be adapted to suit any kind of party, birthday, baby shower etc. All you need can be found in the K-Mart store i.e. paper bags, place cards, tags, string, printed tape (craft dept), bulldog clips (stationary) and wooden plates and cutlery (party).

I have just simply used this cute, printed tape that they sell  (just like ”washi” tape) and use that to decorated everything, including winding it around the cutlery! There are several different colours you can choose from in store if you want a different look. There are four roles in a pack and they really go quite a long way. Adding the tags and bulldog clips just finishes the look but you can leave this off if ‘you’d rather.

NOTE: the tape does not stick really well on the plates/cutlery!! But ok for a one off event – then straight in the bin I reckon!


If you have any questions or have any other ideas please let me know! Could be fun to get the kids to help with this one if you are game. Have fun!

Chrissy x

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