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Paper Doily Bunting

This effective decorating idea is cheap and easy to make. Great idea for decorating ta room for all kinds of events – parties, baby showers, kitchen teas etc. I have made them to decorate a church hall for a women’s event recently –  just to give the space that feminine touch! Continue reading “Paper Doily Bunting”

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Introducing Crafts inspired by K-Mart, Part 1

Please note:

Since publishing this post K-Mart have changed stockists and some of these items are no longer available in their stores. Sorry for the inconvenience but hope the ideas will still inspire you. Thanks, Chrissy

Yes! K-Mart! I discovered all this when I was trying to find cheap blank cards for a card making group I was running. Not only did I find cheap cards but lots of other wonderful craft treasures that look great and don’t cost a fortune.


This is my first instalment of crafts inspired by K-Mart. If you like cheap, easy crafts like me then watch this space for more ideas!

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Card Making

Cards, Cards, Cards! Mixed Media with Machine Sewing Part 1

I love making cards!

I love it because you can make them as easy or as complicated as you like depending on the time you have, the material you have and how creative you want to be.

Here are my mixed media range. I have used recycled and hand made papers, some die cut shapes and embellished the card with stamps and some machine sewing.

Please feel free to be inspired by my ideas. If you don’t have the time or materials to make your own you can purchase these cards and more on my Etsy Store

All cards are individually handmade and designed by me. These are a one of a kind!

Card Making · Great for a Craft Group

‘Best Wishes’ Recycled Paper Card Kit

Introducing my first kit for sale!!

A simple craft kit including all you need to make 5 gorgeous Birthday cards.

Kits includes all materials – cards, envelopes, recycled paper, string, wooden shaped, fabric, buttons, tags and flag (already stamped for your convenience). All you have to do is put it together.

Designed to be easy and fool proof! Great idea to do with a group of friends or in a craft group. There is no need for any specialist craft tools – all you need is a glue, scissors and some double sided tape.

Kit also includes very clear, simple instructions with plenty of photos and diagrams so you can’t go wrong. You don’t need any experience or special craft skills to create these beautiful cards.

So get a group together or have a go yourself and impress your friends (as well as yourself!!) This is a limited edition so by quick

If you would like to purchase this kit please go to my Etsy Store to order.