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Craft Inspired by Kmart – Part 5, Happy Kmart Felt Bunting!

Please note:

Since publishing this post K-Mart have changed stockists and some of these items are no longer available in their stores. Sorry for the inconvenience but hope the ideas will still inspire you. Thanks, Chrissy

This is an easy decorating idea, again inspired by products I found only at Kmart. Great decoration idea for Birthday Parties. All materials purchase at one store so there is no running around looking for all the bits and pieces. Simple and colourful to brighten up any celebration!

This is what you will need:


Step 1 – cut up the felt into the bunting triangles. Use the measurements given below as a guide. I have made sure that there is minimal waste.


Cut them out. I used only the bright colours (not black or brown) so you should have 24 flags. This felt is great for this project as it is quite stiff – make sure you get the ‘Kids and Co, Felt Stack’ not the ‘Çreativ Felt Sheets’ as these are much softer.


Step 2 – Now you can embellish each flag with the ribbon from the ‘Brights Ribbon Box’. I have attached the ribbon using the glue gun. The easiest way is to run a line of glue on the flag first, then place the ribbon and trim any excess. See photos:


Repeat for all the flags using different ribbons and random patterns as you go. See some of my designs for ideas on what patterns you can make.


When you have finished decorating each flag glue them onto the ‘Jute Rope’. Leave a tail for tying of about half a metre. Then run a line of glue along the top edge of the flag and gently lay jute string onto glue to attach. Leave a gap of about 5cm between each flag.


Continue to glue each flag to string in random order until they are all attached. Leave a tail for tying and then cut your string. Your bunting should be about 5 metres long. Enjoy!


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