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Handmade cards using ‘T2’ Recycled Packaging

I bought some cups from T2 the other day and they packaged them in this great tissue paper. It was so cool I couldn’t throw it out so I kept it stored in my craft room until I would need it for some craft project one day.


The inspiration finally came and the other day and I created these cards. Very simple yet effective using the tissue paper as the background feature.

Here’s how you make them:

Cut out a piece of the T2 tissue paper that’s a little bit smaller than the face of your card (I cut mine ~9.5cm x 13.5cm). I make lots of cards so to simplify the process I made a template out of thick card board. This makes this step quick and easy as you can just position the template on your paper and draw around it with a pencil. I keep all my templates in a safe spot so I can use it for the next card project.


Glue this to the front of a white card with a glue stick. I put the glue on the card rather than the tissue paper as it is very fragile and prone to tear. It doesn’t matter if your paper puckers or gets a bit lumpy as this just gives the card more character.



Your card is ready to embellish with whatever you have in your craft suppliers. I used paper flowers, buttons, ribbon and a small stamped card.


I cut a small piece of cream card ~2cm x 9cm. I have also made a template for this too. I used a couple of simple message stamps and a black ink pad to stamp them with different greetings so you can use your cards for different occasions.


Cut ribbon a little bit longer than required.


Place all your embellishments onto the card and play with the positioning of them until you are happy. Now you can start attaching them to your card.

Use double sided tape to attach the stamped greeting to the bottom of the card.


Put double sided tape on wrong side of ribbon all the way along the length. Attach ribbon to the card along the right hand side. Cut any excess overhang with a sharp pair of scissors.



Attach flowers and buttons carefully with a glue gun.


Your card is now complete! Make a collection so that you have a few stored away for when you need them.



If you do not have access to any of the material required and don’t have time to shop around I have kits available on my Etsy Store. I have tried to keep my kits as simple and affordable as possible to ensure a successful and satisfying outcome. This is very easy craft and a great one to do in a group so get some ladies together and have a go. A good one for kids too, if they are old enough to handle a glue gun.

Kits provide all the materials you need, including the stamped greetings. You just need to supply your own scissors, double sided tape, glue stick and glue gun. These are all available at most departments stores like Kmart, Target or Big W.



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