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Hippy Bunting – Simple Sewing with the Overlocker

This is a great craft if you have an overlocker. I purchased one late last year from ALDI for a good price. Its a Janome so I think it was a good buy. I’m not really a clothes sewer so I’m always on the look out for crafty ideas where I can use my new toy!

With bunting being so popular but also so fiddly to make I started to play around with the idea of trying to make it with my overlocker. With sewing and cutting happening at the same time I thought that trying it this way would cut out a few of the time consuming steps. This project is also a great way to get rid of all those scraps of material you don’t know what to do with.

So this is how I made this bunting, ‘overlocker style’. Make a template of the bunting triangle out of cardboard or template plastic. I have attached a copy of my pattern here.

Iron your fabric scraps and fold double into strips that are wide enough for the flags. Use template as a guide. Draw around template onto fabric with pen or pencil

DSC_0079[1]Using your overlocker with cutting function in ‘on’ position to cut and sew along lines to make flags. Leave threads long – do not cut them to give them that unfinished, naïve look.

DSC_0080[1]Continue to make flags in a range of different colours until you have about 24 flags. This will make a length of bunting about 4 1/2 m long.

DSC_0084[1]Rip a piece of calico ~ 4 1/2 m long x 3cm wide. Fold calico in half lengthways and iron

DSC_0002Leave a tail of about half a metre and then place flags inside the fold of the calico. Pin in place.

DSC_0005DSC_0009Space flags evenly apart. I spaced them about 5cm apart and used a ruler each time for accuracy.

DSC_0007Once all the flags are in position stitch tail and then continue to stitch flags in place with sewing machine.

DSC_0010Stitch until all flags have been attached and continue along tail to stitch down fold. Your hippy bunting is now complete.

This is great to decorate the kids bedroom or to use for a party decoration. Choose fabrics in keeping with a theme – baby boy/girl etc to make for a baby shower or to give as a gift for a new baby.  Use Christmas themed fabrics to make a decoration for the home at Christmas time.

If you haven’t the time or the tools to make this yourself please visit my Etsy Store and you can purchase my ‘Hippy Bunting’ already made. I can also make it to order if you want a certain theme or colour. You can contact me with your details and requests on my store. Thank you.

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