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Simple Water Colour Painting – ‘Flowers’

Hi everyone,

I really felt like painting the other day so I got out my watercolours and watercolour paper pad and had a go.

I thought flowers would be cheery subject and so I stuck to that theme for the next few hours and came up with these creations. With flowers you really don’t need to come up with new ideas – you can find inspiration from others peoples artwork or from nature itself.

The different shapes and colours of flowers is endless. I found my inspiration from a folk art book that I found online but you can find ideas from all sorts of places – greeting cards, gift wrapping, kids books, art books, fabrics – flowers appear as a decorating feature on lots of things, you just need to look around! I

I have made cards from my creations that are for sale on my Etsy Store.

Here is how I made my creations…I used a A5 size watercolour paper pad and divided the page in half. It is best you use special watercolour paper as this paper wont buckle or get all distorted when wet. It will stay flat. You can buy them at craft stores and newsagent but also fairly cheaply at those cheap variety stores. Watercolour paints are also not too expensive if you don’t mind the cheaper brands. This set on these round plastic discs is a great option.

I drew my design first with a pencil.


Once you are happy with your design begin to paint. I just painted mainly flat colours to keep it simple but you can do more blending and shading if you wish. Don’t worry if your coverage looks uneven or blotchy as this just adds to the effect and character of your design


Paint the flower first and then the background. Again it looks great if you have a bit of texture in the background so don’t worry if it looks uneven or blotchy. Don’t keep the edges straight as you see in my pictures. This just adds that little bit of interest and makes you card have that hand painted, rustic look. Don’t worry if the colours bleed into each other. Watercolours are really designed to allow this effect – I think it just makes your picture look more authentic and creative.


Now the part that requires a bit more of a steady hand. When the paint is dry use a black marker to outline your flower. I have used a Artline 210 – Medium 0.6 for mine but you can use finer if you wish. Add more details to embellish the flower a little – i.e. dots, fringes, stamens, extra petals and veins in the leaves. Do not over do it here though!?


Your watercolour painting is now complete. Make a few to create a set of designs. Please use my ideas for inspiration!!


Don’t forget to sign your name on your painting somewhere.


Now what do you do with them?? I found some cheap frames from K-Mart to display my pictures. A set of three would look really cool on a window sill, shelf or mantel.



Or what about making them into some great cards. Your friends will really be impressed if they receive one of these from you. I stitched them to a card with my sewing machine but you can just glue them to the from of a card if that is easier.


And the best thing is they can get more enjoyment out of it by still putting it in a frame themselves.


Painting not your thing or you don’t have time?? No worries. I do have these for sale on my Etsy store. I currently have 2 sets of cards for sale – all originals and hand painted by me.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post




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