Crochet Projects

The ”Thin” Scarf – Easy Crochet

Here is another one of my loves – Crochet! I tried knitting but found that with crochet  I could be a bit more creative. There are so many different stitches and patterns you can do.


This is an easy project and the fun and creativity is really in the type of yarn you use. I wait for a good sale at Spotlight and buy some unusual yarns at a good price to make these. Because it’s the yarn that makes them interesting, you don’t need to know how to do any fancy, complicated stitches.

The scarf is also thin so you don’t need as much yarn and it doesn’t take quite so long. I think the thin scarf is pretty stylish and more suitable for our Aussie winters (?well Brisbane ones anyway).

Here is one that I made just the other day. I used some really cool yarn called ”Oxley” that I bought at Spotlight on sale. It is a very textured yarn with a blend of colours and thicknesses which makes it quite interesting to work with. I used a large 9mm crochet hook for this one as the yarn is quite thick in places.

I taught myself how to crochet so I do not claim to be an expert by any measure. There are some great ‘How to Crochet’ books out there and plenty of videos on You Tube if you are interested.

One thing to be aware of here is that there are different stitch techniques and names depending on which country you are from. I learnt the UK stitch names and techniques and in this project I am using a Double Treble stitch. This stitch is the same as a Treble Crochet in the US version.

I found these videos on Youtube on how to do a Double Treble/Treble Crochet. There are lots of them so have a good look and have a go!!


The first step for this project is to…

make a chain of 11 stitches

DSC_0101[1]In the fifth chain from the hook stitch a double treble (UK version)

DSC_0102[1]Stitch a double treble into each chain until the last chain. You should have 8 stitches.

DSC_0103[1]Turn over to begin next row. Do four chain.

DSC_0109[1]Stitch a double treble into the first stitch right at the base of the 4 chain.

DSC_0110[1]Stitch a double treble into the top of each stitch until the last one – you should have 8 stitches again.

DSC_0111[1]Turn over and repeat again. I always make sure I keep counting my stitches to make sure I don’t lose any on the way.


DSC_0114[1]DSC_0115[1]DSC_0116[1]DSC_0117[1]DSC_0118[1]Keep going until your scarf reaches the required length. I made mine about 2m long. You will need about 1 and 1/2 balls of this yarn to make it that long.


This yarn comes in quite a few other colours and I think Spotlight are having a sale at the moment on their yarn. Might see what it looks like in a different colour. Will keep you posted!

Crochet not your thing or too busy at the moment. I have two of these for sale on my Etsy Store so you can purchase one of these great scarves if you wish. A great, unique accessory for the dark winter wardrobe.

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