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Christmas Crafts – Organza/Tulle Peg Angels

This is a quick and easy Christmas craft to decorate the tree or give away as a stocking filler. Great to do together with a group of ladies.

You will need some wooden old fashioned pegs, white paint, ribbons, glitter paper, Bomboniere/favour circles with gold/silver trim, white plastic lollipop sticks and thin wool. Most of these things can be purchased at a craft shop or those cheap variety stores (in the craft section). The bomboniere circles are a little bit harder to find – I bought mine at Lincraft. They are made of either tulle or organza.


If you haven’t got time to go shopping I have kits for sale on my Etsy store. The best thing with the kits is that some of the steps are done for you – the pegs come already painted and the wing template is are already traced onto the glitter card.

Here is some step by step photo instructions to show you how to make them:


Paint the bottom (the ‘legs’ only) of the wooden peg with white paint. Put aside to dry.


Fold bomboniere circle into quarters to find center and cut on fold to make a small hole. Put aside.

Use the  to make a template from card or plastic. Choose your glitter paper and draw around template onto the back of the paper. Cut out and put aside with bomboniere skirt.

Choose wool/string for hair. Wind wool around 3 fingers till you get the desired thickness. If using thin wool as pictured wind around fingers about 10 times. If you have thicker wool don’t wind as many layers. Cut an extra piece of wool and tie this around the centre of your looped hair. Put aside with your wings and skirt.


Cut a piece of thin ribbon about 25cm long. Fold double and tie the ends together in a knot to form a loop. This is what you will use to hang your angel. Put aside with wings, skirt and hair

Cut up the lollipop sticks to make arms. You can use a very sharp scissors or pliers. Cut them about 3cm long and cut 2 for each angel. Put aside with wings, hair, skirt and ribbon.

Once the white paint on your peg is dry you can put your angel together:


Choose your ribbon and cut a piece about 30cm long

Put the peg through the hole of the bomboniere circle/skirt and hold in place. Put a little bit of glue at back of angle just under the head and attach one end of the ribbon.

Wind the ribbon tightly and firmly around the peg holding the skirt in place as you go and arranging gathers a little so that they are held evenly around the peg. Overlap the ribbon as you wind down the peg until you get to the top of the ‘legs’. Secure with glue and cut off any excess ribbon.

Place a blob of glue on back of angel below head and attach the knot of the thin ribbon loop. Attach hair on top of head with glue gun.

Place of blob of glue on sides of angel and stick arms in place.

Using craft glue attach wings to back of angel on top of knot of ribbon. I use craft glue instead of the glue gun in this step as I find this sticks the glitter paper better. This glue will take a bit longer to dry so hold in position with peg until firm.


Use a black, fine, felt tip pen to draw a face onto your angel. Your angel is now complete





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