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Christmas Cards – Music, Christmas Trees and Golden Splatter!

Hi everyone,

Did know that Christmas is only just over a month away. Where has this year gone?

To help you get into the spirit early here is an easy handmade Christmas card idea. I have used mixed media – paper, felt, buttons, paint, hessian/linen etc and I love machine sewing on cards. It quick and easy and looks awesome. I enjoy using a variety of media when making my cards as it just makes them that bit more interesting and appealing. (These cards will be for sale on my Etsy store if you haven’t the time or the gear to make them yourself)

DSC_0627You had better get cracking then on those handmade cards! Your friends and family will be impressed with these!! Here is some photos and instructions on how to make them…

Old music paper is hard to find so when you do get your hands on some it’s pretty precious – well to me anyway?? To make sure it never runs out I photocopy mine and you can bearly notice the difference between the original and the copy (if you don’t ever put them side by side that is).


Now you need to divide the photocopied paper into four pieces and this will be the background for 4 of your cards. To fit a standard card these pieces should measure about 9 1/2cm x 13 1/2cm. I like to rip the page using a ruler as a guide to give the card that rustic look. First measure and rip the page in half. Then measure the width and height and use ruler to rip excess to create 4 pieces of roughly the same size.

DSC_0632DSC_0633DSC_0634DSC_0635DSC_0638Using double sided tape attach these to the front of your card

DSC_0637Now its time to have a little fun with some paint. Protect your table (and any surrounding objects) with a drop sheet and lay out your cards close together but not overlapping. Water down some gold or silver paint and use an old toothbrush to flick paint onto your cards. You can flick the whole brush over you cards if you want big drops. Make sure you don’t overfill you brush with watery paint so it doesn’t drip onto your cards. Put cards aside to dry, using a fan or hair dryer to speed up drying time if your are impatient like me!

DSC_0639DSC_0641DSC_0643While the paint is drying cut out your Christmas trees from green felt. Don’t be too fussy about keeping the shape and size even – as long as its a green triangle of some shape and size that is good enough.

DSC_0646Cut out small pieces of hessian or linen (or any kind of brown material) for the trunks. Again these shapes do not have to be even or exact.

DSC_0647When the gold/silver splatter is dry position your trees and trucks onto your cards.

DSC_0671When you are happy with their position attach the felt and truck with your sewing machine. I use a zig zag pattern for the tree and just sew around the edges of the trunk a few times. I’ve included a picture of the back of the card to show my stitching a bit clearer:

Cut threads and attach button with glue gun.


Repeat with the other 3 cards. Your cards are now complete




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