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K-Mart Crafts Revisited! Part 1

Hello everyone. It’s been along time since my last post but I am back again with plenty of great ideas to share.

One of my viewers liked one of my K-Mart crafts and then told me that she went to K-Mart to get the supples and found that they no longer stocked what she needed. I can imagine the disappointment so I am very sorry!

I went to K-Mart as soon as I could to check it out and found that a lot has changed in their craft department. They seem to have swapped suppliers so some of their stock is the same just labelled differently. However a lot of things they have stopped stocking altogether. Such a shame but I suppose this happens with big business!

I got over my disappointment pretty quickly though and took up the challenge to come up with some new ideas! So my K-Mart posts will be similar but different to the previous posts but you can be assured that all you need you can find easily and cheaply at K-Mart.

I am sure that this won’t be the end of more changes so if you find that you can’t buy something where I said you can please let me know!

So here is my first simple craft made with craft supplies from K-Mart. It is similar to a previous post with a few changes. Hope you like it.

These are the supplies you will need

You will also need a pair of scissors and a glue gun which you can also purchase in the craft department.

How to make them:

Wind string around the front panel of the card. I wound it around 3 times but you can do more or less if you want.

Before you tie it, thread on a parcel tag and then tie your bow

Align bow over hole in parcel tag and attach tag in position with glue gun

Cut a piece of burlap to the size you need and gently fray edges

Attach burlap and your choice of wooden shape to the tag with your glue gun

Of course there are lots of different card you can make with just these few items and a few simple techniques. The wooden shapes are so cute and there is plenty of them. So have fun coming up with your own designs. Just remember to keep them simple. My motto has always been – ‘less is more’. Just using one wooden icon is often enough or use the ‘odd number rule’ if you want to use more than one.

Here are some examples of my cards to give you some inspiration. Enjoy the making!

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